The Diocese of San Diego has a rich tradition of educating the next generation of Catholics in our local parishes and schools. We are the largest private school system encompassing 50 schools in two counties, San Diego and Imperial, and impacting the lives of approximately 15,000 children in our Catholic elementary and high schools. The potential for growing our impact is unparalleled in this region and that is why supporting Catholic education is vital to building the future of our local Church.


Our mission is to provide tuition assistance for children in need to attend Catholic schools in the Diocese of San Diego. We believe that Catholic education should be both affordable and accessible to every child and family who desires it regardless of their background, neighborhood, family income, or culture.

We accomplish our mission by providing financial assistance to low-income families who are desirous of a Catholic education for their children. Accessibility and affordability are our priorities.

The Bishop Flores Scholars does more than just provide a quality Catholic education for San Diego and Imperial County children.  We provide a character formation education where children are instilled with Catholic values, so that one-day they may contribute to society as globally aware citizens.



Evangelizing children and their families is one of the most vital ministries of our Church that has been performed by Catholic schools in the United States for over a century. The role our Catholic schools play in educating and forming the faith of our children continues to be invaluable today. Not only will these children become the Church of tomorrow, but they will also fill the most important roles in leadership and ministry as the Church reaches out to the world. For these reasons, Catholic schools must be places where children are nurtured in all aspects of mind, body and spiritual growth. But, schools can never become elite academies accessible only for the wealthy. Our Catholic schools must be places for children from families no matter their race, culture or economic condition. To that end, and embracing the Church’s “preferential option for the poor”, all Catholics and Parishes, regardless of whether a local Parish has a school, are responsible for the health and growth of this important ministry of our Church.


Q. Who qualifies for the Tuition Assistance?
Tuition assistance is awarded to low-income families according to greatest demonstrated need, having been approved by a pastor or principal, having children entering kindergarten through the twelfth (K-12th) grade in a Catholic school located in the Diocese of San Diego.
Q. Can students apply to any Catholic school?
Yes, as long as the school is within the Diocese of San Diego, the pastor or principal approves the student, and the family meets the admission requirements of the school to which they apply.
Q. Which schools qualify?
There are 45 Catholic elementary schools and 5 Catholic high schools located in San Diego and Imperial Counties that qualify.
Q. How long is the tuition assistance awarded for?
Families are required to apply every year; however, tuition assistance may be renewable annually provided that the principal or pastor recommends the students, the family keeps up their portion of the tuition payments, the family remains financially eligible, and the child remains enrolled in a Catholic school.
Q. How much does the tuition assistance cover?
Tuition assistance will be given to Catholic elementary and high school students who demonstrate the greatest financial need. Families who qualify will be eligible and for up to ⅓ of the total cost of tuition with a maximum of four recipients per family
Q. What are the family’s responsibilities?
Participating families are required to pay some portion of the total cost of tuition. Additionally, parents may be required to participate in their children’s education through involvement with the school and providing an encouraging environment.
Q. What are the costs of going to Catholic schools?
The average annual cost of tuition at Catholic elementary schools is $5,000; the average annual cost at Catholic High Schools is $15,000.
Q. How many families are receiving tuition assistance from The Bishop Flores Scholars?
The BFS Program in its first year has assisted tens of hundreds of families throughout the Diocese of San Diego, granting $1mm in tuition assistance to families in need to attend Catholic elementary and high schools.
Q. What are the administrative and operating costs of the program?
There is $25 fee per family to process the application. 98.5% of total funds raised translates into direct tuition assistance for families, with 1.5% of the overall program budget going toward scholarship management and administration via TADS in order to provide a more effective and efficient service for applicant families. All other administrative and operating costs are covered by the Diocese of San Diego.

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The Bishop Flores Scholars is dedicated to helping children in need receive a Catholic education through providing tuition assistance. However, we recognize there are many ways we can support children without impacting our tuition assistance funding. We rely on feedback from our families and our donors – How can we communicate better? What ideas have you seen in your communities, with other nonprofits or education organizations that are working? What would you like to see us try? We want to hear from you!

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